Industry Spotlight: Chad Knasinski, FOUNDER, Synergy Management

Chad Knasinski is the founder of Synergy Managment LLC where he serves as primary media contact for all clients including professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and the NHL. He handles their personal branding, social media presence and community relations platforms. Chad's career has given him the opportunity to plan marketing and publicity campaigns for clients at events such as the Denver Auto Show, Boulder Film Festival, ESPY’s and Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. Follow him on twitter @ChadKnasinski

On starting your own business:

I started Synergy Management in 2008 after the collapse of the financial markets. Previously, I had been working for an agency that was handling marketing and public relations for feature film studios in the Rocky Mountain region, but my position was eliminated. Before moving to Colorado, I worked with the Milwaukee Brewers, so I decided to join my two passions and concentrate my efforts into starting my own business. The most rewarding part of running my own business is seeing a project progress from conception to execution.  I have always been the person who has worked behind-the-scenes and I really enjoy that.

On industry changes:

Eight years ago, when I first started my business, social media was in its infancy.  We had no idea how social media was going to impact the world of public relations and marketing, especially for professional athletes. Our industry changes on a daily basis and I’ve learned if you are not adaptive, you will be left behind.  That’s why I really enjoy what I do.  I never know what I might encounter from day-to-day.  

On client strategy:

We determine for each client where their branding is currently and discuss where they would like it to be.  Each strategic plan is different for each individual according to their goals and vision.  That is what sets our agency apart from all the rest; we tailor each plan to the individual’s interests instead of utilizing a cookie-cutter plan.

On overcoming challenges: 

I would say the most challenging part of my job is trying to keep up with all the information available in the world today.  With more and more channels opening on a daily basis, information flows quicker now than it ever did in the past.  Being in the know with that information is a full-time job in itself.  

Your proudest moment:

My proudest moment was helping make a young boy’s dream a reality.  Recently we granted a boy who has been diagnosed with a terminal disease a chance to meet his idol, Super Bowl Champion safety T.J. Ward.  To see his face light up when he met T.J. made all the years of hard work and dedication to this industry and my business worth it because I know I had a hand in making his dreams come true.    

Best piece of advice for young PR pros:

The biggest piece of advice I would give someone who is currently working in the industry is to stay connected.  Today there are so many channels  to monitor and so much information out there.  Knowledge is power in this industry.