Spain, DiCaro address #MoreThanMean online harassment

Last week, Penn State's chapter of the Association of Women in Sports Media sat down with sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro to address the harassment both they and their colleagues face on social media. 

Spain, an columnist, ESPN Radio host and SportsCenter Reporter for ESPN, and DiCaro,  a weekend host, update anchor for 670 The Score and a columnist for, participated in a video segment titled #MoreThanMean in April 2016, which featured men reading out loud some of the real and shocking tweets each journalist has received, in front of them. The powerful video received nearly four million views on YouTube and sparked a national conversation about the online harassment female sports reporters often experience.

"I think the most surprising thing to me was how many people were genuinely shocked," Spain told Penn State students. "That's been a wake up call for me, too, that there is a lot of stuff we deal with because we get used to it. And it shouldn't just be something that we're so used to that it no longer affects us."

The entire discussion lives on AWSM Penn State's Facebook page, which can be found here

The Association for Women in Sports Media is a 501c3 international organization whose male and female membership supports the advancement and growth of women - both student and professional - in sports media.