Message from the Publisher

When we told colleagues we were launching an online publication dedicated to serving sports PR professionals, the reactions were similar:

“Do you realize how much work it’s going to be?”

“You don’t have time!”

“Why would you take that on?”

Well, for us, the answer was simple.  It was needed.  While we might follow our peers on social media or get to meet them at various conferences throughout the year, PR professionals working in sports don’t have that many opportunities to connect with and learn from one another.  

We are a diverse group that spans teams, brands, agencies, colleges, NGB’s, non-profits and more, and our roles as PR professionals are all very different.  Our collective knowledge base is extraordinary and what we’ve learned over decades can’t be found in textbooks. 

Our vision for SportsPR is to be an all-encompassing resource for industry news, insights and discussions relevant to our day-to-day roles, and a place to profile the professionals who make it all go round. 

It will be a constant work in progress but we’re excited to finally get it off the ground. We welcome all pitches, ideas and content suggestions and hope to profile many of you in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for stopping by for our “official” launch. We hope you’ll keep coming back and more importantly, be inspired to contribute and share your insights on the industry issues and conversations important to you. 

Melinda Travis,

CEO PRO Sports Communications